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Hi I'm Lydia

Lydia Kostopoulos - Strategy and technology innovation

Thanks for coming to my site!

I work globally in the space of strategy and emerging technology, where I:

  • Consult internationally on strategy and innovation helping organizations position themselves for current, evolving and future trends. Create innovation strategies and roadmaps as well as partner ecosystems.

  • Deliver workshops and talks across the globe on emerging technological trends, global convergences and how to cultivate a mindset to thrive in uncertain and changing times.


  • Design storytelling fashion pieces and have a storytelling fashion label called Empowering Workwear 

  • Make art about emerging technology and the human experience.
    Represented by Miami art gallery Artem Scientia

  • Created the the multi-lingual game called Sapien 2.0 to raise awareness and reflection on how emerging technologies are changing our human experience from birth to death. 

  • Invest and advocate for women's human performance. And endlessly read about longevity, health and wellness.

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