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Hi I'm Lydia

Lydia Kostopoulos - Strategy and technology innovation

Thanks for coming to my site!

I work globally in the space of strategy, emerging technology and foresight, including:

  • Consult internationally on strategy and innovation helping organizations position themselves for current, evolving and future trends. 

  • Deliver workshops and talks across the globe on emerging technological trends, global convergences and how to cultivate a mindset to thrive in uncertain and changing times.

  • Design storytelling fashion pieces and have a storytelling fashion label called Empowering Workwear 

  • Make art about emerging technology and the human experience.
    Also a member of the collective]

  • Creator of the the multi-lingual game called Sapien 2.0 to raise awareness and reflection on how emerging technologies are changing our human experience from birth to death. 
    Investor and advocate for women's human performance. And endlessly read about longevity, health and wellness.

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