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Hi I'm Lydia

Lydia Kostopoulos - Strategy and technology innovation

Thanks for coming to my site!

I work globally in the space of strategy and emerging technology, and offer the following services through my consultancy Abundance Studio:

  • Emerging Technology Reports: Reports on the latest in an emerging technology, its current and projected use cases, as well as supply chain considerations and new market opportunities.

  • Bespoke Research: Bespoke research on emerging technology and macro trends. The research focuses on the client's specific interests, use cases and market.

  • Futures Workshops: Accessible and interactive workshops on the new trends and possibilities of emerging technologies. These workshops offer an opportunity to explore emerging technology use cases and expand ideas ideation and innovation.



Separately, I...

  • Curate of the Project Nof1 Interview Series on Healthy aging Protocols. This project aims to showcase the diversity of healthy aging protocols.

  • Design storytelling fashion pieces and have a storytelling fashion label called Empowering Workwear 

  • Make art about emerging technology and the human experience.
    Represented by Miami based art gallery Artem Scientia

  • Made the the multi-lingual game called Sapien 2.0 to raise awareness and reflection on how emerging technologies are changing our human experience from birth to death. 

  • Invest and advocate for women's human performance.

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