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Strategy & Innovation

Leveraging a systems thinking mindset I help government and industry leaders understand emerging technologies and macro trends to strategically posture from a position of strength and awareness.


Track Record
Advising, Projects, Speaking Engagements, Workshops, and Consulting

(not a comprehensive list)

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Some presentations are published on slideshare here.

Public Engagements

  • (May 2024, Concept Bureau Talks) I delivered a Concept Bureau Talk "called "Convergence Literacy" on my analytical process in relation to emerging technologies. (Presentation video)

  • (November 2023, Cape Town, South Africa) Spoke at the Cape Town Conversation's inaugural event, where I participated on a panel on "Global Food Security" and highlighted the areas of the food security technology divide where cooperation can help close the divide.

  • (November 2023 - USA) A report sponsored by the U.S. Joint Special Operations University on the utility of Special Operations Forces and Food Security has been published. (Report)

  • (September 2023 - New York City, USA) Participated in the Science Summit at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78) in the the "Experiential Applied Futures with Female Futurists" session. (session information)

  • (September 2023 - Berkshire, MA, USA) Spoke on a panel about Artificial Intelligence and Creativity at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

  • (February 2023 -  The Hague, Netherlands) Spoke on special operations in a panel on drones and swarms at the Dutch government hosted REAIM Summit on the responsible use of artificial intelligence in the military domain. (My talking points can be found in this video)

  • (February 2023 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Delivered a keynote on human characteristics versus machine capabilities at Leap's DeepFest.

  • (December 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands) Delivered a keynote presentation on Web3 Threats at the BENELUX E-Crime Conference.

  • (October 2022 - Delhi, India) Participated in a fireside chat conversation at CyFy on Democracy and Election hacking (video).

  • (October 2022 - Dubai, UAE) Spoke at the X-Verse stage on how Artificial Intelligence is augmenting human creativity and self expression.

  • (August 2022 - Kigali, Rwanda)  Moderated a panel on cybersecurity in Africa at the Kigali Global Dialogue. (video)

  • (July 2022 - Bari, Italy) Delivered a presentation in Italian on the future of jobs in the digital world at the first annual ABCD: A Bari Capitale Digitale.

  • (May 2022 - Johannesburg, South Africa)  IT Summit keynote on the 4th Industrial Revolution and cybersecurity. (news article)

  •  (April 2022 - Delhi, India) Speaking at the geopolitical conference Raisina Dialogue hosted by the Observer Research Foundation. Panel on the QUAD ( video )

  •  (April 2022 - Orlando, FL) Speaking on emerging technologies and cyber threats at the KnowBe4 Conference.

  • (December 2021 - Stockholm, Sweden) Virtually spoke on the 'Preparing for future urban warfare: Balancing operational needs with humanitarian concerns' panel organized by SIPRI at the 2021 Stockholm Security Conference 'Battlefields of the Future'. ( video )

  • (November 2021 - Tampa, FL) Interviewed Dr. David Stuckenberg on "Global Water Security: International Security Implications and the Special Operations Mission" for Think JSOU ( video )

  • (October 2021 - Delhi, India) Virtually spoke about about big tech in the international arena on the "Big Tech vs the State" panel at CyFy hosted by the Observer Research Foundation ( video )

  • (September 2021 - Tampa, FL) Virtually moderated the panel on "Emergent Tech and the Compound Security Environment" at the US Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) Quarterly Forum ( video )

  • (September 2021 - Killorglin, Ireland)  Virtually delivered a presentation at the RDI Hub John McCarthy AI Summer School on  “The Emerging Artificial Intelligence Wellness Landscape: Opportunities and Areas of Ethical Debate”. ( video )

  • (May 2021 - Podcast) Interview on the "Progress, Potential & Possibilities Podcast" (  video  |  podcast audio )

  • (January 2021 - Podcast) Featured in the US Army Mad Scientist Podcast. "The Convergence: Changing Mindsets for the Future with Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos". (audio)

  • (March 2020 - Tampa, FL) Delivered a Disruptive Talk at SOFWERX on the future of Special Operations human talent needs and recruitment titled "Humans over Hardware: Posturing SOF for the Future". (video)

  • (November 2019 - Abu Dhabi, UAE) Spoke on Emerging Technological Trends in 'Digital Warfare' and helped lead a workshop on "AI Assisted Decision Making in Cyber Warfare" at the Emirate MoD Digital Warfare Conference.

  • (October 2019 - Tampa, FL) Spoke on Emerging Technology Spaces for Civil Affairs at the annual U.S. Army Civil Affairs Conference.

  • (August 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland) Moderated the fireside chat "Security Implications of Artificial Intelligence Beyond Weapon Systems" at the UNIDIR Innovations Dialogue (video)

  • (May 2019 - Orlando) Keynoted the annual KnowBe4 Conference with "DeepFakes: State of Affairs & State of Defense"[CyberDefense Magazine Conference Review]

  • (Apr 2019 - Pittsburgh) Spoke on Strategic and Operational Adaptation of Emerging Technologies at the USSOCOM Sovereign Challenge conference. (slides not available)

  • (Apr 2019) Submitted a Public Statement to the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Board's public call for comments on ethical and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence for the Department of Defense (DoD).

  • (Apr 2019 - Madrid, Granada, Barcelona) Invited by the U.S. Embassy in Madrid to take part in a week long Public Diplomacy program across Spain delivering talks on emerging technology, artificial intelligence and national security with Spanish national security organizations. (slides not available)

  • (Jan 2019 - Virtual) Delivered a Joint Staff Strategic Multi-Layer Analysis (SMA) lecture on AI Due Diligence Items for Consideration as Scientists, Commanders & Politicians explore AI Opportunities (Slides).

  • (Nov 2018 - Brussels) Briefed NATO HQ military officials on AI and convergence for national security.

  • (Nov 2018 - Seoul) Spoke on Cooperative Efforts to Respond to Emerging Technologies & Cyber Threats at the 3rd International Conference on Building Global Cyberspace Peace Regime organized by the National Security Research Institute the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Cyber Security Center. (slides not available)

  • (Oct 2018 - Delhi) ORF Article on autonomous weapons systems and adversarial AI.

  • (Oct 2018 - Amsterdam) Spoke on “AI and Weapons Systems” in the closing panel of the World AI Summit. 

  • (Sep 2018 - Stockholm) Spoke on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Tech and National Security Use-Cases at the Stockholm Security Conference hosted by SIPRI and the Munich Security Conference.

  • (Aug 2018 - Geneva) Addressed the UN CCW GGE on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems on "Human Involvement in the LAWS life cycle" at the United Nations in Geneva.

  • (Apr 2018 - Tokyo) Spoke on "Cyber Military Education In an Era of Change" at the NATO Science for Peace Program Workshop on Cyber Military Defense in Tokyo, Japan.

  • (Jan 2018 - CyFy) Spoke on multi domain battle at the 'Evolving Methods of Warfare' panel at the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi. (Video)

  • (Nov 2017 - Geneva) Address the UN CCW GGE on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems  on the 'Military Effects' panel at the United Nations in Geneva.

  • (Nov 2017 - New York) Spoke on the Technological Unemployment: Trends insights and strategies for the path forward in New York.  (Video)

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