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Human Performance Efforts

Very passionate about human performance, this page showcases my writings and projects on my personal human performance, investments and board memberships.


N of 1: Menstrual Micro-Journal

Once the COVID lockdowns started and I bought my first wearable (Oura ring) and started on a quantified sleep improvement project. A few months of data later I decided I needed to weave in the biological science of the menstrual cycle and so I read a 300pg book on it. I started complement my digital data with micro-journal and three years, two more wearables (Garmin / Whoop), copious reading on the latest longevity science and several editions of my customized journal later, I have developed my N of 1 Menstrual Micro-Journal. 

It has helped me acquire valuable #SelfKnowledge and I am now creating my own personal healthy aging plan, as well as working on collecting and organizing digital bio marker data as well as qualitative data that would be useful in anticipating, mitigating and managing perimenopause when the time comes.

Investments & Board Memberships


Investor in WildAI.
Leveraging the latest in science, and artificial intelligence Wild AI app helps women reach their peak training performance with personalized advice on supplementation, training readiness, nutrition and recovery advice.

Board Member at The Valkyrie Project.
VP is a nonprofit focused on the female military service member, providing training programs, support and resources. I support the organization in advocating for female servicemembers' human performance in efforts to improve and augment their combat capacity.

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