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Uterus Discrimination Earrings



Human Rights & Bodily Autonomy

Craft Employed

CAD, 3D printing & Metalsmith 

2023 Series

Feminist Fashion


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The Uterus Discrimination earrings aim to bring the conversation around the taboos, discriminations and experiences of those who have a uterus to the public realm.

With the gilded uterus design and natural pearls as ovaries this #StorytellingFashion piece creates a wearable art installation that starts, continues and furthers more needed conversations on inadequate healthcare for women, maternity discrimination, bodily autonomy, abortion and the full spectrum of human rights that should be granted to humans who have a uterus. 

To highlight this, a poem "A Uterus is an Organ Not a Crime" has been written as part of the creation of these earrings. You'll find the poem and pictures of the Uterus Discrimination Earrings below.

A uterus is an organ, not a crime

Written by Lydia Kostopoulos

A uterus is an organ, not a crime.

Nested inside the pelvis, a uterus is an organic 3D printer of humans,

not contraband.


It bleeds, bloats, cramps, contracts, makes and expels eggs.

None of which merit an indictment.


Half the human population roams the earth with a uterus in tow.

Not a nuclear weapon in need of government monitoring, surveillance and regulation.


The uterus has a workflow of cyclical hormonal ebbs and flows.

None of which are a threat to society. Much less, worthy of being burned at the stake for.


Menstrual blood is the result of an unfertilized egg.

Not a source of stigma or shame in need of social isolation and exclusion.


Pregnancy is the magical 3D human printer at work.

Not a weakness or a sign of professional incompetency.


Uterine autonomy is bodily autonomy.

Bodily autonomy is freedom, and uterus owners just want to be free.


The uterus is magical.

The uterus is marvelous.

The uterus is a masterpiece.

Not a crime.

uterus square.jpg
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