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Wiener Graben,  Vienna

Techno-Geopolitics Retreat Workshop

About the Workshop:
The Fourth industrial revolution is transforming how we live, work, entertain ourselves and how we do business. Our workshop provides executive leaders a guide to understanding the Fourth industrial revolution and the geopolitics that come with it. We offer insights on how to navigate what it means for industry, business operations and recalibrating value propositions. Participants will learn about the areas of opportunity and risk as well as guidance on how to manage them from a technology and geopolitical perspective. All our engagements include advising on business mindsets that need to be cultivated to thrive in this dynamic era of exponential technology growth and a climate of economic and political volatility.

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1. What will I learn? How will this help me be a better leader?
What can I bring back to my organization immediately when I return?

Participants will learn about the convergence of emerging technologies and how they are changing business value chains and the global economy. Each emerging technology lecture is followed by a geopolitics lecture which contextualizes these technology transformations with the political realities interconnected across geographics.

This insight will help leaders revaluate how they are steering their company and how they can play to their strengths and manage their weaknesses amidst rapid technological change and geopolitical volatility - after all, there is always opportunity for those who seek it!

Upon returning from the workshop, leaders can start to engage with the rest of their leadership team on how they are conducting technology horizon scanning and look for new opportunities to expand the organizations value and protect its existing positioning. From a geopolitics perspective participants will be able to return back to the office and inquire about supply chain risks, crisis management planning and strategies for managing potential adverse political outcomes. Our workshop will include a check list of things to do when participants return!

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2. I saw that this is more than a workshop on technology and geopolitics and that it also includes culinary and cultural experiences.

Could you tell me more?

The workshop hosts Velina and Lydia believe there is a lot of value in 'breaking bread' and sharing culinary experiences with others and that it provides a space to continue to share the ideas of the workshop and expand on them in a different format where other senses are also inspired. The same goes with cultural experiences. Technology and geopolitics is very closely tied to the cultures they stem from. This workshop includes the following culinary experiences:

  • Welcome dinner with a panorama view of Vienna (see right image)

  • Typical Austrian dinner in a traditional restaurant (see image below)

  • A wine and juice tasting dinner at a vineyard (see image left)


3. I am not familiar with Vienna. How far is the Workshop venue from the Vienna International airport? 

The workshop is hosted at the 'For A Conscious Experience' venue space located at Hauptstraße 13, 2371 Hinterbrühl, Austria which is a 30 minute drive from the Vienna International Airport (Google Maps).

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4. What is the best place to stay? 

We recommend the Beethoven Hotel - yes the famous Austrian composer Beethoven himself stayed here! And it is a leisurely eight minute walk from the Techno-Geopolitics workshop.

The rates below include breakfast and are around 100 euros.

When booking make sure to let them know you are booking for the FACE event.


5. This sounds great! How much does it cost? And what is included with the price?

The workshop price is €4950.00.

Workshop price includes:

·  All meals (lunches and breaks) covered by the workshop.

·  Special Certificate of Completion for attendees.

·  A comprehensive workbook containing exercises and additional material

·  Copies of the entire workshop's presentations

·  Bibliography list.

If you have questions you can leave a message in the contact form below, or reach out to 

Velina Tchakarova or Lydia Kostopoulos on Linkedin.

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Send us your questions and we'll get back to you!

Thanks for reaching out!

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