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Technology & Ethical Affairs

Concepts, projects and consulting on the intersection between technology and ethics with a focus emerging technologies and our human & social experience.




🎯 Emerging technologies are set to change our human experience all the way from birth to death. This reflectional game helps encourage a more inclusive and diverse debate on the technologies that are going to revolutionize so many aspects of our lives.

Watch the Game Trailer!

🌍  Available in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) and features technologies such as artificial womb, DNA editing and whole brain emulation; and emerging technological topics such as digisexuals, and universal basic income. Play now!

Notable Tech Ethics Related Speaking Engagements:

  • (October 2021 - Dubai, UAE) Moderated AI Everything at GITEX and delivered a presentation on "Decoupling Human Characteristics from Artificial Intelligence" paper written for IEEE.

  • (February 2020 - Glasgow, Scotland) Delivered a talk at Morgan Stanley on "The Mindset to Thrive in Uncertain, Turbulent & Exponential Times"

  • (June 2019 - Tangier) Curated and moderated the Creative AI panel with a mix of tech journalism, cognitive science and data science which was part of the annual ORF CyFy Africa conference series. 

  • (May 2019 - Geneva) Spoke at the ITU AI for Good Global Summit and presented my art about artificial intelligence. More on the full experience can be found here.

  • (May 2019 - Amsterdam) Spoke at The Next Web (TNW) conference on AI ethics in the developmental stages.

  • (May 2019 - Orlando) Spoke at the annual KnowBe4Con on DeepFakes: State of Affairs, State of Defense.

  • (Feb 2019 - Dubai) Participated in the World Government Summit's Global AI Governance Workshop.

  • (Oct 2018 - Delhi) Spoke at the Observer Research Foundation CyFy on artificial intelligence and society.

  • (Feb 2018 - San Diego) Presented a paper on AI ethics and wellness at the 'Legal Ethics Symposium': Intersection between AI and Public Health' at California Western School of Law in San Diego.

Recent Article

IEEE Commissioned Report:

Decoupling human characteristics from Algorithmic  capabilities

[Read it on Medium or on Slideshare]

IEEE Paper.jpg

Experimental Educational Podcast Project

Creative Disruption Podcast
Pedagogical Experiment

Ran in the Spring 2016 semester. The podcast featured creative ideas and social innovation with personal stories of people using disruptive ideas and technology as their medium.

Listen on:

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