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🚀 Women in the Overlap of Emerging Technologies and National Security 🤖

This list comprises women who are thinking, writing, researching, analyzing, philosophizing, speaking and producing innovative ideas on emerging technologies and national security.


I started this list in response to the many wonderful men who want to promote women in this space but couldn't find women in it. The instigator for getting it started was Elsa Kania's tweet calling out The Economist for not featuring women in their article about the future of war.

This is a living document, if you know of anyone who should be added to the list please fill out the 1 question Google form. If you are on this list and would like to be removed, or have something amended contact me on Twitter or through this website here.

Here is the 'work in progress' 
latest version of the list:


Version May 13th, 2018

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