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Storytelling & Experiential Fashion

Designing art installations that you wear with conscious supply chains.


Shirt story 1.jpg

The "Fortune 500 Shirt" kit is the debut product of "Empowering Workwear by Lydia" now available to order.

The organic cotton fabric is woven in Italy and has the male and female symbols on it in the 2020 ratio of men to women in the Fortune 500 CEO list. (500 CEOs - 37 Women). The bright white mother of pearl pay gap buttons show the pay gap disparity between the white man's $1 and the median woman's .81 cents. The cufflinks are an artistic rendition of the breaking of the glass ceiling. 

The limited edition Fortune 500 Shirt story (100 pieces) will be sold as a box with the fabric, buttons and cufflinks. It is available for both men and women to take the story to their local tailor to have the bespoke experience and design the shirt of their dreams!

Visit the Empowering Workwear site to learn more!

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