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Department of Technology & Ethical Affairs

Investigating the intersection between technology and ethics with a focus on #tech dilemmas relating to the military, wellness and the human status-quo.


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The 21st Century is the century where we will see technologies multiply exponentially and continue to transform our lives. It is also the century where we will need, now more than ever, an informed public, particularly in countries of democracies. Technology is advancing faster than we can wrap our heads around the changes, what they mean for our lives, and what our ethical stance is; and much faster than policy can be written, but only few are talking about it.

The lack of informed discussion is mostly due to the lack of awareness among the general population about the many technological advances, convergences, and implications for society, the workforce, our bodies and humanity as a whole.  This book aims to address this gap by discussing technologies that affect humanity.

Automation has already started to affect the job market, genomic advancements create questions about genetic discrimination, cyborgs are among us, headway has been made in the area of brain computer interface, and there are startups created to harvest the brain of deceased with the intention of uploading their memories to the cloud.

These technologies have ethical implications for all of society and if not addressed in a timely and suitable manner, will create a substantial moral, ethical and emotional burden for generations to come. These are not technologies that policy makers, legal institutions and the public can afford to take a reactive stance. It is time for more segments of society to be involved in the conversation – on a national and global scale.  This book targets key influencers and organizations that are at the center of the large cultural and political network nodes, in efforts to help raise awareness among the public.


- Tech Ethics Research & Projects -

(Feb 2018) Presented a paper on AI ethics and wellness at the 'Legal Ethics Symposium': Intersection between AI and Public Health' at California Western School of Law in San Diego.

Creative Disruption Podcast
Pedagogical Experiment

Ran in the Spring 2016 semester. The podcast featured creative ideas and social innovation with personal stories of people using disruptive ideas and technology as their medium.

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Latest articles & activities relating to #TechEthics & Warfare:

  • "War is Having an Identity Crisis" article featured in Small Wars Journal (June 2018)

  • Summary of my address at the UN meeting of the CCW GGE in Geneva  on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems. (November 2017)

  • Article: Future Warfare Challenges: Use of Disruptive Technology in Conflicts

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